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Giving direction to clients' websites

Trek Travel

Project 2004

Leisure and Preformance trips


Trek Bicycle Corporation is based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and is the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles sold by specialty retailers. Founded in 1976, Trek has been determined to set high standards for bicycle design and business practices, and will continue to improve the future of bicycles and cycling.

They also provide luxury cycling tours for the adventurous traveller in the most beautiful places throughout the world. The tours include dining at the finest restaurants and staying at the most luxurious accommodations.


Trek approached Catics to build and code all the XHTML and CSS templates from scratch. These templates would then be integrated into CrownPeak’s CMS. We then hand-coded the XHTML and CSS templates, from designs delivered in jpg format.

Key requirements

  • Produce 18 valid XHTML templates from jpg mock-ups provided by Trek.
  • Deliver a valid set of CSS files
  • Deliver a DOM-based compliant menu system that could easily integrate with CrownPeak’s CMS
  • Deliver templates that facilitate navigation through each section
  • Test XHTML and CSS templates across a range of Mac and PC browsers
  • Support Trek with the integration of the templates into CrownPeak’s CMS
  • Provide additional CSS advice and support