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Giving direction to clients' websites

The Rothschild Family

Project 2003

Flash intro page to the Rothschild family site


Across two centuries and many generations, Rothschild have emphasised innovation, industriousness and above all the strength which lies in unity. The Rothschild ventures are legendary: funding of Wellington's armies, the Gold Rush, the Suez Canal, the arrival of the railways and the quest for oil.


Rothschild requested to have the framed version of their web site re-built, and integrated into a CMS. The conversion project was done in conjunction with Internet Foundry, which custom built the CMS for them.

Key requirements

  • Integrate new site into the CMS.
  • Convert all content into xml structures.
  • Update the Javascript to work within the new site structure.
  • Create and build xslt templates to render the content into valid xhtml.
  • Re-engineer the site structure and file naming conventions.