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Giving direction to clients' websites

The Rothschild Archive

Project 2001, 2003

Home page of the Rothschild archive site


The Rothschild Archive was established in 1978 to preserve and arrange the record of a family that is widely recognised for the major contributions it has made to the economic, political and social history of many countries throughout the world.

The Archive continues to reflect the many facets of the family's history and maintains an international research centre for the furtherance of study in these fields.


2001 - The Archive requested to have a new site designed, that would reflect the history of the Rothschild family through time. The main function for this site was to provide research materials to the main audience of students and professional researchers. The site needed to be integrated into a CMS

2003 - The Archive requested that the "old" site be re-built, and converted in xml, xslt. The conversion project was done in conjunction with Internet Foundry, which custom built a CMS for the Rothschild Group. One of the major new functions of the "new" site was an online forum and a "members only area".

2001 Key requirements

  • Create a "look and feel" in accordance with the Corporate ID.
  • Integrate the new site into a CMS.
  • Provide html and ASP templates.
  • Site design to be light weight.
  • Create a contact form and search function.
  • Optimise all photos and graphics for the internet.

2003 Key requirements

  • Create an online forum and a "members only area".
  • Upgrade the CMS to cope with new xml data.
  • Convert all "old" content into xml data.
  • Create and build xslt templates to render the xml content into valid html.
  • Re-engineer the site structure and file naming conventions.
  • Create a members area, for research materials.
  • Manage 404 errors generated from search engines like Google.