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Giving direction to clients' websites

London Gold Market Fixing Ltd

Project 2000

Flash intro on the homepage


On the 12th September 1919 at 11.00am the first Gold Fixing took place. For over 80 years they have been fixing the price of gold providing market users with the opportunity to buy and sell gold at a single quoted price. It also provides a published benchmark price that is widely used as a pricing medium by producers, consumers, investors and central banks.

The fix is carried out twice a day at the offices of N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd by the 5 members, in keeping with tradition, but with the added advantage of being connected to the most sophisticated trading rooms in the world.


Rothschild, with approval from the other 4 members, approached us to design an elegant new web site. The site was created as a quick up-to-date historic guide about the London Goldfix. All interested parties can see how the price of gold gets fixed twice a day.

Key requirements

  • Create a flash intro that would show the gold fix indicators.
  • Provide a graphical view that would indicate the five members buying, holding or selling gold.
  • Produce a golden elegant colour scheme and design.
  • Build an interactive charting facility so that users can chart historic gold fixes.
  • Create a consistent way of navigation.
  • All five members of the gold fix must be referenced on the web site.
  • Integrate site with Rothschild CMS.

* This site was done before web standards were implemented.