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Giving direction to clients' websites

Classic FM - UK

Project 2004

New seasonal based header image


GWR Group, the holding company, has more radio licence's and a larger audience than any other UK commercial radio broadcaster. They operate the national stations Classic FM, Core and Planet Rock and 32 local stations within the UK. They also run the internet services for and


Classic FM approached us to advise and consult them on various design updates to their current web site. These included: Integrating skyscraper ads into the exciting design, optimize the "header" area for 1024x768 screens, produce new concepts for different seasons and finally, standardize and suggest new layouts for all forms across the web site.

Key requirements

  • Advise and consult on various design issues.
  • Integrating skyscraper ads.
  • Integrating search form into current design.
  • Design "look and feel" for search results.
  • Produce new season based images.
  • Standardize form layouts across the web site.