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Catics provides accessible website design services.

Website Design - Cape Town - South Africa 

Founded in the United Kingdom in early 2000, Catics has since expanded to sunny Cape Town, South Africa. We pride ourselves on providing a full portfolio of web services, including web standards-based web design, application development, content management systems and database-driven websites.

We focus on providing innovative design and development that complies with accessibility, usability and web standards guidelines.

Catics designs for both new media and printed media.

Jacobus van Niekerk

Jacobus van NiekerkCompany founder and primary contact, Jacobus brings years of quality design and usability to Catics. Hailing from a background in print and graphic design, he then expanded into the digital world and new media, producing and designing websites for over 8 years. This includes the development of web application front-ends and the creation of custom designs for large-scale projects.

He has also done extensive consulting work for various global organisations, and prides himself on providing a fast, sophisticated and professional service to Catics’ clients. See resumé for more details.

You are welcome to contact Jacobus with any question or comments.